How to get a free scooter rental in Bali for 7 days

Rent honda adv scooter in Cebu

Are you planning on visiting Bali and do you want to get a free rental scooter to visit the city?

Then let us guide you through the steps that you need to follow in order to get a free rental 125cc scooter for a week!

Book2wheel is a website where people rent out their motorcycles, cars, and bicycles. The idea of sharing vehicles started from Cebu city in the Philippines and expanded across 72 other cities and islands. Now the Book2wheel website is also available in Bali and Indonesia. 

Book2wheel has decided to offer a 7-day free motorcycle rental to an Influencer, who can help spread the concept of Book2wheel. This idea started in 2016 with an aim of helping local people in the Philippines. Indeed, the average person, there, earns 9 dollars per day, and interestingly enough most of them own motorcycles. Keeping that in mind, Book2wheel wants to connect motorcycle owners to local and foreign tourists. In that way, the owners can rent out their vehicles and have an additional source of income. 

What do we expect from you as an Influencer?

If you are located in Bali and have experience renting scooters from either a private individual or a rental company, you would be able to help them in the process of creating a free account on the Book2wheel website and showing them how to upload their chosen vehicles. Most rental companies in Bali have more than 1 motorcycle, for this reason, we would expect at least 3 motorcycles or 2 cars to get listed by one rental company. 

To begin with, you would need to rent a motorcycle on, record the process and share it through your social media, which can be your YouTube channel, Instagram, or blog. After that you will just have to enjoy your time in Bali, record your experience with Book2wheel, and share it with your audience on your social media platforms. In addition, we would love for you to share with us, some pictures of you with the scooter and videos of your adventure.

You can rent a scooter that is worth max. 28 USD from any shop. The content whether that is images, videos or a blog post is required to be of high quality. It will first be checked and approved by us. Once your content is approved you will get a refund of your rental payment.

Work with us to spread the concept of Book2wheel and help people to sign up, upload their motorcycles and earn extra income!

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