What Kind Of Motorcycle Is Perfect For Your Next Vacation? Top Picks

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As motorcycle enthusiasts, we know that just like human beings all motorcycles are not the same. Some are aggressive, others are polite and some have a positive spirit. Just like a human, every motorcycle has its personality. This is the reason some motorcycles are perfect for deserts, others are good for mountains and some are best for snowy cold weather. While picking a good motorcycle it is better to start by understanding your own personality. Your motorcycle is going to become your travel partner and just like your life partners you need to understand everything about your travel partner. Another very important reason for understanding your nature is that this will help you get something that will suit your pace. If you are aggressive and you like speed, you would probably look for a sports bike. If you are adventurous and you like road trips, you would probably prefer a cruiser. This is the main reason you need to get something that matches your pace.

If you are an adventurous soul and you end up getting a café racer, you will get bored very easily. With the help of this article, we will give you a brief overview of various motorcycles and their types. To help you find something that matches your demand we will also help you with some of our top picks within the same domain. This will help you spend your time and money only on something that will match your personality.


For the long joyous rides, nothing gets better than a cruiser. Almost everyone has heard of Harley-Davidson and if you have never heard of it, you should check that out. With the leaned-back seating posture and very low seat, the cruiser is ideal for long trips. For the handlebars, the cruiser has a medium-height handlebar that makes it easy to handle. You will be surprised by how comforting it is to keep your hands in this position. Even on long, tedious journeys, these handlebars will help you ensure your grip on the cruiser. Most people buy cruisers for a daily commute and long rides and they are ideal for both. This style is not only common but quite popular as well. We have seen most people only thinking about cruisers when they have to make a purchase. This is because they are nature lovers and they love to go on long road trips. Another reason most people prefer a cruiser is that they do not want to spend money on a spate motorcycle for daily commute and adventure. For this reason, a cruiser is a great option because it will allow you to make your purchase based on utility.

Top picks

Although Harley-Davidson is used as a benchmark for this style there are so many more to choose from. For this style, we recommend Harley-Davidson Softail that is a classic with a touch of modern. Along with this we also recommend Indian Vintage or Honda Shadow.


·         Very comfortable seating space

·         Ideal for long rides and daily commute

·         Very low maintenance

·         Good for touring as well


·         Might not be ideal for racing

·         Very average speed in comparison to the sports bike, nothing too fast

·         Heavy and might not be suitable for beginners

Dual Sports

Dual sports as the name suggests are best as sports bikes as well as touring and camping. Most people who love dirt biking buy dual sports. Most people who want to use something for long commutes or highways, as well as adventure sports, buy dual sports bikes. With medium-high suspension and medium or tall seat height, this motorcycle type is ideal for people who like camping, touring, or just want something for a daily commute. With the help of a better riding posture, the rider can easily ride even on rough roads. Another very important thing is that these motorcycles have very simple designs, which makes them an idea for beginners. They are lightweight and easy to handle as well. Most beginners who are looking for something sturdy yet stylish will find dual sport a very attractive choice. Due to their easy handling capability, dual sports are now getting very popular among youngsters.

Our picks

Some of the best options within the dual sports category include Kawasaki Versys, Suzuki V-Strom, Ducati Multistrada. If you want something more stylish you can look for modern and more advanced options as well.


·         Good capability to adjust according to the rough and smooth terrain

·         Sturdy, lightweight, and easily adjustable design

·         A good sitting posture that helps you stabilize the motorcycle


·         Very industrial in design

·         Offers a high center of gravity

·         Might lure you into a complete new adventurous world


Sport-tourer is a very unique combination that satisfied the need for high speed, comfort, and weather protection as well. Most people think about getting a touring bike for long journeys in harsh weather conditions. On the contrary, they also want something that offers better power, easy handling, and comfort of a sports bike. To cater to the audience who wants the best of both worlds, a sports-tourer is the best option. This motorcycle works like a charm due to its high power, better engine capacity, detachable heard luggage option, and aerodynamic fairing. All in all, it offers the best for people who want an out of box solution for their needs. To help the rider enjoy the journey with full comfort, the seat has been placed in a way that offers the best seating posture. Another very important aspect of this motorcycle is the widescreen that allows the rider to have a clear vision even in the worst weather conditions. This kind of motorcycle also comes fitted with shaft drive, ABS, GPS, and some of the latest comfort features as well. Although most people do not recommend it for beginners if you have a good grip, you will fall instantly in love with this combination of power and comfort.

Top picks

Some of the most common sports-tourers that you will find in the market include Kawasaki Concours, Yamaha FJR1300, and Ducati ST.


·         Powerful, stylish, comfortable and comes fitted with the best and latest technology

·         Good capacity of carrying a lot of gear

·         A huge range of brands and models


·         A little on the expensive side

·         Not for beginners who can’t handle something heavy

·         Due to power, you might end up with a speed violation

Electric Motorcycle

This is an incredible gift for environmentally friendly people. If you want something that can turn your vacation into an environment-friendly vacation, there is nothing better than an electric motorcycle. With more technology and people like Elon Musk who is very vocal about electric cars and electric motorcycles, more people are now looking for environmental-friendly options. In the UAE, the government is now promoting environment-friendly commute options. If you own an e-bike, electric motorcycles, or electric car, you will have to pay no tax. Previously it was a very common perception that electric motorcycles are slow but with time and improvement in technology they are catching up with the speed as well. However, these motorcycles do not offer such a good riding range, if you are traveling to a far fetch destination, you might want to avoid an electric motorcycle. Another very important thing is that you will also have to look for ways to recharge your motorcycle. So, make sure you plan your vacation in a way that suits the recharging plan as well. Electric motorcycles are great for beginners and for people who want to ditch traditional petrol and fossil fuel energy sources. The power output makes it even easier to handle which is the reason it is perfect for beginners.

Top picks

Although most brands prepare electric motorcycles locally there are so many global brands as well. Our top picks include mission R, BRD redshift, and all zero models.


·         Ideal for beginners

·         Zero expenditure on gas

·         Environment and planet-friendly

·         Easy to maintain

·         No extra noise and very smooth to ride


·         Not ideal for long distances

·         Might take half an hour to an hour for the recharge

·         A little on the expensive side 

·         Might not offer such a high speed

Standard Motorcycle

When most people think about the motorcycle, this is the exact type they think about. If you are not familiar with this, let’s make it easy for you to understand. This is the motorcycle that was known to be the only kind or Japanese kind. Just a few years ago, there were just two kinds of motorcycles available in the market. You can either get a street bike specialized for better frame design, lighter and better-riding position or you could simply get a dirt bike that was used for powerful performance and adventurous rides. Later in 1970, this motorcycle style was taken as a benchmark by manufacturers who introduced so many different models with the regular style. Since the frame and overall design were the same, it was easier for everyone to use this motorcycle. The frame was so famous that most people would simply call it a regular or standard motorcycle. These motorcycles are the best you can get. The design is neither too stylish nor too boring. The frame is also neither too light that it can affect the stability nor too heavy that it might not be suitable for beginners. All in all. This is the only motorcycle that is considered a jack of all trades. For the urban roads and rural terrains, these motorcycles are perfect no matter what you do. Today, these motorcycles are used as a benchmark for traditional motorcycles.

Top Picks

Our top picks include Triumph Bonneville, Ducati Monster, Harley-Davidson Sportster. There are other Japanese options as well, if you are interested you can explore the options.


·         Inexpensive and versatile

·         Good for almost every kind of commute and terrain

·         Stylish, simple, and easy to handle

·         Easily modifiable

·         Accessories available in market


·         Might not look very modern

·         Need extra modification for better technology

·         Doesn’t come fitted with standard technological features

Photo by Nani Williams on Unsplash

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