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Hello guys, after the articles regarding Royal Enfield and KTM motorbikes, today we’ll speak about Honda scooters. In 2018 the total number of new scooters sold in the Philippines was 577.722 scooters, 18 % more than the previous year. With a so high growth rate, all the scooter manufacturing companies have to introduce new models to overcome their competitors. So, let’s see now how Honda intends to be the market leader.

All-New BeAT CBS-ISS and All-New BeAT STD

The first model is the All-New BeAT. Actually, we can claim that Honda is trying to focus mostly on scooters’ technology. The All-New BeAT CBS-ISS is the perfect example. It has a Combined Braking System (CBS) that balance front and rear brakes helping the driver to halt motorbike in the best possible way. At the same time, the Idling Stop System (ISS) reduces fuel consumption while being stuck in the traffic. Also, the 110cc engine version is reliable and noiseless so that it fits perfectly to daily use in crowded cities. The price for the All-New BeAT CBS-ISS is 69,900.00. For those who want to save some money, the version All-New BeAT STD without Idling Stop System is available at 64,900.00

All-New Click125i/Click150i

The All-New Click125i is a sporty and really great looking scooter! The quality of the materials is really high and you can understand it not just from its design. This scooter has one of the cooler full digital meter panels for the category which allows the driver to get the information needed. Moreover, tubeless tires are hard to deflate and give better control all over the scooter. Furthermore, Honda states 53km/L as fuel consumption. Even the All-New Click125i has the Combined Braking System (CBS) plus Park Brake Lock to add safety. The price for the All-New Click125i is 74,900.00. The luxury variant All-New Click150i with Smart Key System (keyless start) and 150cc engine is 96,900.00.

The All-New PCX150

Last but not least the All-New PCX150. This scooter bonds together elegant design and good performances. The engine is a really good 150cc but the technology is what we like to highlight, and this scooter owns everything you are looking for. The Smart Key System allows starting the engine keyless, the ABS helps driving safely even when it rains and the Idling Stop System reduces the fuel consumption!  The driver has a lot of space for the legs and the luggage box can contain two helmets. All the details are perfectly studied to deliver the best feeling of comfort and elegance. The price for the All-New PCX150 is  133,900.00

Photo by Apao Opp on Unsplash

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