How to rent a motorbike in Dumaguete city

Dumaguete is a city in the province of Negros Oriental. It is popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from all over the world, with a population of 131,377 people. This city is also known as the “City of Gentle People”. It is the most breath-taking place and has the best atmosphere with amazing scenes like the beautiful oceanfront among other things. By the way, the traffic jam in this city is not as crazy as it is in other cities in the Philippines. In addition to this, the city is known to have the lowest crime rate, which makes it very safe!

  If you want to travel to Dumaguete, the best way to get around is renting a motorcycle. In order to do it, you should visit an excellent vehicle rental website

Book2Wheel is an online portal for sharing motorcycles and cars. Their motorcycle and car rental services are now available in most cities and islands in the Philippines.

Here you can see step by step, how to make an online booking reservation, using Book2wheel website.User submitted photo of Dumaguete

Step One: please visit or Click here.

Step Two: Click on the navigation bar where it says “Try entering city name ex: Dumaguete”. You will be directed to a search page where you can see motorbikes from different owners. When you click on the location icon, you can see the motorbike pick up location. Now in order to view prices and owner terms and condition, click on “Book now”

User submitted photo of Dumaguete

Step Three: click on “Book now” and you will be directed to the motorbike’s detail page; Here you can see bike details, about the owner and terms for renting the motorbike. You can select your pick up date and return date. Then, you will see automated calculation with the discount.

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Step Fourth: click on “Start Booking” and it will direct you to the next page. Fill out your information. This information will be forwarded to motorbike owner.

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If you would like to have the bike delivered to your location, here you can add a delivery option. Each owner has different delivery payment options. You can also add extra kilometers here. Before moving to next step, accept terms and conditions. You can message the owner as well.User submitted photo of Dumaguete

Final step: click on “Check out” and it will direct you to the very last step. At the last step, you can select the payment option; There are 3 payment options, you can pay cash when pick up the bike, or you can pay online. After you are done choosing the payment option, your booking reservation is now complete. You will immediately get an email from them, with your resevation details and number. Within a few hours, you will get a confirmation by the owner of the motorbike.

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Book2wheel is a portal for sharing motorbike or car service in the Philippines. They connect you with motorbikes owners all over the Philippines. Book2wheel does not own motorbikes. You can also rent a motorbike in Dumaguete with a full comprehensive motorbike insurance. The insurance covers own damge, theft and body injury.

Learn more about motorbike insurance

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Here you can see examples of the best motorcycles in Dumaguete from Book2wheel’s offer:


User submitted photo of Dumaguete

User submitted photo of Philippines

User submitted photo of Philippines

User submitted photo of Philippines

User submitted photo of Philippines

Things to look forward to while exploring Dumaguete city

1. Walking along the beautiful beach 

The relaxing atmosphere in the city is to die for, which is the main reason why most people choose to retire here. It’s accommodating for everyone! 

2. The historical Silliman University 


You can’t miss out on visiting Silliman University, which is one of the historic places in Dumaguete City. It is also a major landmark in the city. This University was established in 1901 by the protestant missionaries of the Presbyterian Church from the USA and it is the oldest American University in Asia. The campus is quite big and home to a lot of acacia trees. It is also surrounded with buildings with colonial American architecture. 

Renting a motorbike in Dumaguete city is the best, most convenient and exciting way for you to explore the city.  Book Now and let’s ride!

 To get to know more about the products, visit

Photo by Janica Sib on Unsplash

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