Motorbike in the Philippines? Choose the right one!

Ride a motorbike in the Philippines

Traveling around the Philippines on a motorbike?

What to consider when choosing a motorbike in the Philippines?

There are few things to bear in mind when traveling in the Philippines on the motorbike. Considering the size of the bike can be tricky, but you should consider this fact carefully. It is crucial to choose the correct size, to avoid toll on the roads. But it all comes to your preferences while traveling around the Philippines. If you are interested in the fastest way to get to your final destination, you might need to consider the size of the bike.

Major express roads in LuzonSource:

Choosing a motorbike that’s 400cc and above is important when considering express roads, especially in the Luzon region (Manila). Express roads take less time than highways, but perhaps, you are the type of adventure enthusiast who would actually enjoy a longer ride to observe the country? If that’s you, just consider the fact that you won’t be able to use express roads, with less than 400cc.

Are you a beginner traveling around the Philippines? Don’t worry! You can travel around all sorts of islands with motorbike sizes such as 125cc, 150cc and so on.


Google maps vs Wazz app in the Philippines?

Truth be told we DO NOT recommend using Google maps. Even though this reliable platform works everywhere, consider using the Waze app. Google Maps might not give the best directions for your particular motorbike on the road in the Philippines. Wazz app provides live traffic information, spoken street names, toll-road avoidance and many more! Learn more about Comparisons between Google Maps and Waze app. 

Google maps or Waze app in the Philippines?

Prepare yourself before a ride!

But there is more to know! We have gathered personal and secondary research for you in our previous blog posts such as Motorcycle driving regulations in the Philippines and Driving rules in the Philippines.

These part one and two blog posts will help you get an idea and valuable knowledge before getting into the traffic in the Philippines.

Have you decided?

Let us offer you motorbikes in all kinds of different sizes in the city that you are interested in. It’s really easy, fill in the information and scroll down till you see you perfect motorbike for your preferences! Long ride or short ride? You are in charge. If you have perhaps changed your mind about motorbikes, don’t worry, we got you! With Book2wheel you can rent a car too, just check and see for yourself!

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