Rent a motorbike in Legazpi City- 5 best places to visit

Rent a motorbike in Legazpi Albay

Legazpi City is a beautiful city in the Philippines with an exciting history and culture all around. Are you looking for fun and adventure while visiting Legazpi City? The best and cheapest way is to rent a motorbike in Legazpi city and explore! We have created 5 best places to visit while in Legazpi, Albay just on two wheels.

1. Vera Falls

Vera Falls in Legazpi AlbaySource:

Stunning and breath-taking waterfalls located in between volcanos. Perfect to refresh yourself after a hot day. The usual time to get to the Vera Falls from Legazpi, Albay is around 40 minutes by motorbike or car.

2. Cagsawa Ruins Park

Cagsawa Ruins Park in Legazpi AlbaySource:

This beautiful and historic place is located 8 kilometers from Legazpi, Albay and only around 2 kilometers from Daraga. Perfect for a day-time trip. So, rent a motorbike in Legazpi city to explore and learn the history of this Cagsawa baroque church in Legazpi, Albay.

3. Lignon Hill Nature Park


Are you seeking more adventure? Then Lignon Hill Nature Park is exactly what you’re searching for. Excitement, adventure, and fun are assured. The fascinating panorama is ideal for sightseeing and many other activities that are offered in the park. It is located around 5 kilometers from Legazpi, Albay which is perfect to take a ride on the motorbike.

4. Japanese Tunnels

Japanese tunnels in Legazpi, AlbaySource:

Japanese tunnels are another great place to seek history. This place was built during World War 2 to store and move weapons and soldiers. These bunkers are hidden in the Baguio Botanical Garden. There was a rumor spreading around that a treasure was once hidden by Yamashita, which has attracted a lot of curious tourists. But who knows what more these pitch-black tunnels hide?

5. Daraga Church

Daraga Church in Legazpi, AlbaySource:

Daraga Church also knows as “Lady of the Gate Parish Church” is located from Legazpi, Albay around 4-5 kilometers. This Roman Catholic church is full of history and some parts were actually declared as a Natural Cultural Treasure in 2007, Philippines. This rustic church was built completely by women (according to native people). The grandiosity of this building makes you just wonder how they’ve done it.

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