Comprehensive motorbike insurance Philippines-Frequently asked questions

Motorbike insurance Philippines

Thank you for the quotation for the two Mio bikes. I just want to clarify that the insurance policy covers damage to our own bike should an accident occur, even if it was deemed my fault and also that it is covered in the event of theft and fire. –YES IT IS COVERED FOR OWN DAMAGE, THIRD PARTY PROPERTY DAMAGE, THEFT AND FIRE

As for personal injury, are we covered at all, or does the policy only cover the person you had an accident with. –YES THIS COVERS FOR BODILY INJURY FOR BOTH THE THIRD PARTY AND YOU, THE  ASSURED 

Also do you offer a no claims discount, whereas if I did not claim on my insurance this year, you would offer a 5% discount next year, and then if I did not claim the following year you would offer an additional 5% discount for a total of 10%, discount after two years of not claiming on the insurance. The no claims will build up to 75% discount over a period of 15 years of not claiming on the insurance. This is a regular thing in my own country and was wondering if you do the same over here in the Philippines. –THIS DOESN’T APPLY TO THIS

If I were to claim on the insurance and then in 6 months time say for example the bike was stolen again, would I be eligible to claim on my insurance a second time within a 12 month period. –YES YOU WILL STILL BE ELIGIBLE

And finally, how do I pay you for the policies. Do I need to send you a bank transfer, or can I pay you (preferably) via LBC for example? –WE ACCEPT BANK DEPOSIT FOR PREMIUM PAYMENT.

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