Problem that you can face with Malaysia E visa when leaving from Pakistan

e visa for Malaysia

E visa of Malaysia is a great service, which Pakistani citizen can enjoy. It cost only 31 USD to obtain the E visa. It takes less than a day, and you can apply it by yourself. It only requires 3 things. 1st a return flight ticket, hotel booking reservation, bank statement.

What problem can you face having E visa if are flying from Pakistan international airport

Pakistan aviation/airport staff is not yet introduced with the new Malaysia E visa service. To avoid any daily, follow the instruction below.

  1. You should know what is your visa sticker number. You can find your visa sticker number on the upper right side of your printed visa. It starts with EV08XXXX

How to find sticker number on Malaysia Evisa

  1. Tell the officer that he can view your E visa status online. Using this website
  2. Provide them your passport number and visa sticker number

What do you need to present at Malaysia Immigration

On your arrival, the visa immigration officer will ask you return flight ticket and your hotel booking reservation. Make sure you have printed all the papers. You will be refuse to enter Malaysia if you do not have hotel booking or return

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