How to apply E-visa application for Malaysia- Special guide for Pakistan citizen

e visa for Malaysia

How to apply E visa for Malaysia if you are Pakistani citizens

A Pakistan passport holder can apply E visa for Malaysia and it is only cost 31 USD. You do not need an agent to do the process. You can do the whole process by your self. In this post, I will show you the steps and share my experience how I have obtained Malaysia E visa.

Ling on to the website

There are many websites online which can offer you the service. Each website has different prices. I paid  31 USD. Click here to open website link. once you are on this website click on “I’m New “. A login page will appear. Enter  your personal information and create an account.

Once you have created your account an email will be sent to you for account verification. After verifying, go back to the website and click on returning user login.  Entered the username and password which you have created.

To start the process you need your passport number, passport scanned copy, return ticket, hotel booking reservation and bank statement.

How to obtain free flight booking reservation

Open It is free to make flight booking reservation without paying. Book a trick as you make a normal booking. when it reaches payment section, there is an option saying pay on Emirates office. select that option.  This way a booking confirmation will be sent to you.  Make sure select the dates according to your plan. I applied on the 2nd of December and my departure date was 7.  The visa you will get is only 30 days, so your return flight should be within 30 days when applying for Malaysian E visa.

 E visa Malaysia

Your ticket will expire automatically few days before your departure if you don’t pay. Do not worry this is only booking a reservation. once your visa is approved that is when you should buy a flight ticket.

Now how to make fee hotel booking reservation

on to On this website, you can find all the hostels and hotel. You can see some of the hostels you can book without paying. You can also make free cancellation

How to apply visa for Malaysia

once you make a hotel or hostel booking reservation. Make sure it matches your flight ticket.  You can save your booking confirmation as a pdf file.  The easy way to save that file is to go to your email and click print.  Save as PDF file

You need PDF to upload for Malaysian E visa. Now you need a passport size picture. do not scan a picture instead go to photoshop and ask them to take your picture. Bring the picture from photoshop on to your USB device. Save to your computer. it should be passport size picture with white background.

Scan passport page

Scan the first page of your passport, only one side which has your picture. does not need the second side. when you are filling your application it will show you the example. Do not get confused, just follow the instruction. I had really hard time uploading passport size picture. I was trying to upload my selfie. in the end, I went to photoshop.

Bank statement

Get a bank statement from your bank as a pdf file. you also have to upload in your visa application. if you do not have one ask you father, mother to provide you their bank statement and a letter that they are going to support your travel.

Credit card payment

Make sure you have a visa card or master card to make an online payment. That is the last thing you would need to do. The visa will be sent to you same day or within 48 hours. I applied during weekend. I was lucky and got it the same day. The visa was sent in the email you would need to print out.

e visa for Malaysia for Pakistani citizen

Print out your visa and bring along with your ticket at the airport. Remember to bring your credit card at the airport which you used for your bookings and visa fee.

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