Motorbike Driving Rules In The Philippines

Can I drive a motorbike in the Philippines without driving license?

The answer is No. You can not drive a motorbike in the Philippines without motorbike driving license. In Europe, you can drive the 50cc scooter on your car driving license. In the Philippines, you must have a license which states that you can drive a motorbike. To make sure things are well, bring your driving license to the nearest police station and have it confirmed.

Where can I rent a motorcycld in Cebu city Philippines?

Visit you can find all motorcycle rental shops in Cebu city on this website. You can rent a scooter in Cebu city for low as 250 pesos a day using It is a website for sharing motorcycle where local people rent out their motorbikes.

How do local people drive without a license?

Most of the people in the province does not have a driving license, but they drive a motorbike without it. When you go far from the city, there are no police stations and checkpoints, so you might able to drive in the province without driving license. If you made an accident and get caught. You will charge with high penalty.  The motorbike will be taken into police custody. It will be released to the owner, who has a driving license.

Driving without helmet

Driving without a helmet is a major traffic violation. Driving without a helmet will cost you 2000 PHP, it is the highest fine you can get. You can buy the cheap helmet for 600 PHP in 138 mall, unitop. 2 Persons are allowed to ride on the motorbike, both should have a helmet on.  view more details on fine (click here)

Driving under the influence of liquor

First-time offense 5000 PHP fine and 2-month suspension of driving license. 2nd-time offense 6000 PHP and 3-month suspension.  3rd-time offense automatic revocation of driving license and 7000 PHP fine.

Prevent getting ticket from Traffic police in the Philippines

There are some rules, but if you fallow you can avoid getting ticket

1 The rider should wear shoes

2 The bike should have both left and right mirror

3 Side indicator should be working all time

4 front light and backlight should be working

5 you should carry your driving license original all time

6 OR CR, Motorbike registration

7 Don’t drive if the motorbike is not registered in Land transportation office.

8 visit the local police office if you have any question, regarding motorbike or driving license issue. The local police are helpful and police stations are located in every city.

Can I drive with the foreign driving license?  

Yes, you can drive for 3 months if you have a foreign driving license, after 3 months you have to convert your driving license. Or apply for new one.

How to convert foreign motorbike driving license to the Philippines

If you have a foreign driving license, you can easily convert into Philippines license. You need to go LTO office and bring passport with you. It cost 650 PHP approximately. It takes only 1 hour if there are not so many people. Best time to go at 4 pm. Do not go early in the morning it is the worst time to go. You might need to take your drug test. You can do it nearby. it will cost you few hundred Peso. for more information click here

Beware of the scammer, there are lots of people standing outside the LTO office to scam you, mostly they charge 2500 PHP, and somehow they able to provide you license if you are lucky.

How to convert car deriving license to motorbike In Philippines

Bring your driving license to LTO and first apply for conversion, while you doing that ask them, you would like to include motorbike as well, it is called 1,2 There are numbers. 1 for a car, 2 for the motorbike. You might have to take a Practical test, you have to make an appointment and go with an officer and show him that you can ride a motorbike. It might cost you few hundred PHP. Bring your own motorbike with you, otherwise, you have to pay a motorbike rental fee.

How to get the new driving license?

For local people bring one valid ide.

For a foreigner, you should have at least 5month valid visa. you cannot apply if you only have a tourist visa.

There are some agents who can provide you without having visa they charge some amount. It can also scam you might get it or not.

Do I need insurance on the motorbike?

Yes, you must obtain 3rd party insurance on your motorbike, The motorbike registration will not be renewed until you have purchased 3rd party insurance.  All motorbike comes with 3rd party insurance. It is a basic insurance. If you like to get private insurance you can also get one. It covers theft insurance, personal injury and own damage claim. visit this link for comprehensive insurance

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12 Thoughts to “Motorbike Driving Rules In The Philippines”

  1. Seiji Furuhashi

    I am a Japanese national and am planning to travel in Philippine on my own motorcycle to be brought temporarily from Japan. Is it possible to import Japan registered motorcycle with engine displacement of 249 cc temporarily into Philippine and to ride on it in Philippine for a period one month or less ? The motorcycle shall be sent back to other country after being used for the travel in Philippine. Thank you for your advice and information.

    1. The process is very expensive, you would have to pay taxes. It might be cheaper for you to rent a motorbike for the short term. You can check with the tax office in the Philippines. You must hire a broker who can do this thing for you.

  2. geoff ward

    Hi how much does it cost to hire a mortor bike in philippines, to get a drivers licence…

    1. you can hire a scooter or motorbike in the Philippines from 350 pesos to 500 pesos. You need a driving license in order to rent one

  3. Mark

    I have a Philippines driver’s license (both a class 1 and 2 vehicle and motorcycle and have recently moved back to Australia. I’ve tried to transfer my Philippines motorcycle licence but the department of transport have asked for a copy of evidence of what CC or KWs (Power of the engine) are you permitted to ride a motorcycle. For example here in Australia your initial licence year 1 you can only ride a bike that has an engine capacity under 260cc after one year then you can have any CC. So my question is what CC bike engine can you ride on your initial Philippines licence?

    1. In the Philippines, it does not state the size of the engine on your driving license. We really can not answer this question. You can contact the LTO office in the Philippines. Maybe they can provide you the certificate.

  4. Please check this one

    (1 for a car, 2 for the motorbike)

    NOTE: 1 is for motorbike; 2 and above is for a car.

    1. visit LTO office in the Philippines they can advise you the best. They always change rules.

  5. M

    Can I ride on highways with a XR150cc .?

    1. Yes, you can on highways but not on the express road.

  6. OR CR, Motorbike registration.. regarding this, does it needs to bring the original copy of it? Or is it fine only the xerox copy of it?

    1. You can use a copy of it. But it is best you keep original with you.

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