City traveling, Do’s and Don’ts in new places.

City traveling: The do’s and don’t when entering a new city.

While traveling you can go two ways, the old fashioned city traveling, or the exploring for nature. For this post, I will only be focusing on the city traveling aspect of a journey.

City traveling is all about exploring.

Not only exploring city’s and country’s but also exploring different parts of yourself and the world.

Getting out there and feeling the freedom of a true adventure.

More often than not I meet people that seem to forget to actually experience their travels.

instead they only busy themselves with the new parts of the world and forget about the adventure side of travel.

That is why I am listing for you the do’s and don’ts for entering a new city, to make the best out of your stay.

Tip number one.

Don’t: use a taxi to get to your hostel/hotel.

Do: use the bus, public transport or even just walk.

This way you see a lot more of the city, learn about new ways of moving yourself and step out of your comfort zone.

Tip number two.

Don’t: plan out every minute of your stay

Do: go out and get lost in the city

Just go out and explore the city on your own.

No people, no guidance, just you and your own intuitions getting you to the best places.

Follow your feet.

Tip number three.

Don’t: stay too short and hop city’s every other day

Do: take the time to truly enjoy a place

Less is more, also with city traveling. You can’t truly see a place in 1-2 days.

If you like it, stay a while. Then again, if you don’t you, don’t need to stay all that long. Leave yourself room to be flexible and take your time with the places you deem interesting.

By doing these 3 simple things you can get so much more out of your trips!

More stories for you to tell your friends and travelers on your next trip 😉

For more post like this and more information about city’s please consider reading another post.

Don’t forget to enjoy!

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