Motorcycle GPS Tracker Philippines- 2 Pesos cost per moth-Free installation

Motorcycle GPS tracker which cost only 2 pesos per month

Are you looking for a motorcycle, car or scooter tracker in the Philippines? Wait no more! now offers motorcycle and car trackers in the Philippines. It costs only 2 pesos per month to monitor your vehicle. Now sit back and relax and monitor your motorbike or car while it is on the road. The motorcycle tracker mobile app allows you to monitor all your motorbikes through your smartphone. You can install the tracker device in all your motorbikes or cars and have it monitored on the screen. The motorcycle tacker will just cost you 2 pesos per month. View all the vehicles from your smartphone or computer.

Motorcycle-Car-Gps-Tracker Philippines

How much does it cost to install a Motorcycle GPS tracker in the Philippines?

When you are a Book2wheel customer, it is a FREE installation. All you need to do is to order it by filling up the simple form at the bottom of this page, and we will install it for free. The tracker device costs only 3000 Pesos and it has a 2-years warranty. it takes only 45 minutes to install the tracker in the motorbike and 5 mints in the car. If you order more then 5 trackers, you get 500 pesos discount on each tracker, meaning 2500 pesos per tracker, including the installation. The tracker is connected with the battery and has 2 hours time to send a signal after disconnected from the battery.


Where can I order a motorcycle GPS tracker in Cebu city?

You can fill up the form below and we can arrange a meeting day. Our sales representative can come to your location or a meeting point to install the tracker. If you are staying in other cities such as Manila or Bohol, do not worry! We can also visit you in that area and install the trackers in your motorbike.

What are the functionalities of motorcycle GPS trackers?

The motorcycle GPS tracker allows you to track the live movement of your motorbike. It can also set speed limit and area parameters. The motorcycle GPS tracker allows you to control over speeding. It also allows you to set geo-fencing, meaning you can set the radios that your car and motorbike is able to travel. If the motorbike travels outside that area, it will trigger mobile notifications. You can retrieve up to 2 months record of your vehicle.

Here you can have a view of a single motorbike tracking. it allows you to track where did the vehicle travel. You can replay where has the vehicle been traveling for the last 60 days.

scooter motorbike and car GPS tracker in the Philippines


How can you order and installation

Kindly fill up your details and let us call you and set an appointment for the free of charge installation.

Example 1,2,3,5,10 or more then 10
Example +63927581822
Write us any question you have here


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