Book2wheel has introduce new way to offer discount. We believe instead spending  large expanse on Digital marketing and SEO. We should offer discount to our customer, which will create value for them.

5 percent discount on motorcycle rental

To get 5 percent discount simply Send us your picture together with rented motorbike on our facebook page. Seach book2wheel on facebook. Here is an example.

Motorcycle rental cebu

When you rent the motorbike you pay cash to the owner. if you show the owner that you have send picture to Book2wheel, he will give you 5 percent discount.

10 Percent discount on Motorcycle rental

Book2wheel offer 10 percent discount of you leave a review on trust pilot. Here is the link You can see the example.

Motorbike rental Philippines

15 Percent discount on Motorcycle rental

To get highest discount send us a small video of your experience, renting though book2wheel. Upload on it on our facebook page or send us through email

Example of discount 1 month Motorcycle rental 8000 PHP after getting 15 percent you will only pay 6800 Php. The discount is available on daily, weekly and monthly rental. You will pay the 8000 to the owner and once we receive you video we will advice the owner to refund you 1200, which is 15 percent discount


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