Is it possible to rent a motorcycle in Aarhus Denmark?

Motorcycle rental in Denmark

Yes, it is possible. Book2wheel is a startup for motorcycle, bicycle-sharing services in Denmark. The idea of motorcycle sharing was tested in the Philippines. Book2wheel idea of motorcycle sharing started from one City in Cebu and expanded into 72 cities and Islands in the Philippines. Today more than 10,000 people have made a booking on the Book2wheel website. Today the motorcycle sharing service idea is not limited to the Philippines but also has expanded to India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and China.

Book2wheel started as a bicycle-sharing service and included motorcycle, car sharing as the demand grew. Today more than 1000 motorcycles are listed on the Book2wheel search engine. Since most of the current customer is from the Philippines Book2wheel also provide motorcycle insurance, own damage insurance and personal insurance to Philippino customers.

If you are looking to rent a motorcycle, Cargobikes, and bicycle in Denmark keep checking the Book2wheel website. Do not be discouraged if you don’t find any listing yet. This is a new idea and each day new owners upload their motorcycles and bicycle on the website. We hope soon we will have a motorcycle for rent in Aarhus.

The image for this page is taken from a Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

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