A new Danish law on reckless driving and Confiscation of vehicle

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On 31 March 2021, a new law on reckless driving was introduced by the Danish parliament. The new law allows police to confiscate the vehicle under the traffic act. This law is pass to give more power to police and put strict laws for public safety. To verify this information Book2wheel contacted the local police office in Denmark and interviewed a driving school instructor in Denmark. The following question was asked to the driving school instructor.

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The driving school instructor replied, “Motorcycle sharing is a good idea but have you heard about the new law or read the newspaper” Book2wheel representative asked for more details about this new law, in which he explain if someone borrows your car, motorcycle, or truck and they are charged with reckless driving police can confiscate the vehicle. The driving school instructor gave examples of some of the current cases which were featured in the newspapers and were in the court.

The first example was provided by a driving instructor “A friend borrowed his friend Porsche and went to buy Pizza on the way he went overspeeding and was caught by the police. The car was confiscated and the driver was charged with reckless driving. Even it was not the driver’s car the car has been confiscated”. The driving instructor also added that now the owner of the car can file a civil case against his friend. The second example in which he explained. A woman had a car provided by the company which was borrowed by her husband. He went to do the shopping in his wife’s company car and was charged with reckless driving. The car was confiscated by the police.

The driving instructor provides a couple of more details where a daughter borrowed his mother’s car and was charged with reckless driving. The car was confiscated by the police.

The phone call with the local police station in Denmark

After reading the article and speaking with the driving school instructor we call the local police to confirm this case. The police officer confirmed this law has been implemented but there are facts behind this law. The confiscation of a car only applies when a driver is drunk driving, overspeeding, and putting public safety in danger. This does not apply to every instance. But if someone borrowed or leased a car and was charged with reckless driving, yes the car can be confiscated by police and will be sold in an auction

To verify further we have attached the article from where we gather information. This can provide the reader with more depth details. Click here for more information. The image use obtains from this site. Image source.

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