Is it Possible to visit the Philippines in July 2021

The answer is simply No. You are not allowed to travel as a tourist in the Philippines as of today until you have a very urgent reason as for June 29-2021. Book2wheel conducted a Phone call interview on June-29-2021 with a foreign national who is married to a Local citizen and has been living in the Philippines for the past 20 years.

The person who was interviewed by Book2wheel said that he went to Japan from the Philippines on business travel. When he intended to travel back to the Philippines his flights were canceled. Finally, he was able to travel back to the Philippines. On his arrival, he had to take a corona test and show that he has 10 days of advanced hotel booking where he is going to quarantine himself. The immigration coordinated with the hotel staff and he was handed over to the hotel staff who came to pick him up from the airport.

The person who gave the interview told us that the hotel transfer service cost him 2000 pesos each time which is equal to 50 dollars. 10-days hotel stay cost him 34,000 pesos, food about 8000 pesos. In total included Covid test it cost him 50,000 pesos which is about 1000 USD.

According to the person who gave the interview, said that his stay in the hotel was pleasant and the food was delivered to him on time. There was a food menu from which he could order food. On the 7 days, a person came to do his Crona test and he received his result on the 9th day which he sent to the department of quarantine. Within 10 hours he was permitted to go home.

The whole process he described was pleasant but he would not advise other people to go through. According to him, one must wait until things are normal. As for checking online, we found out some of the countries are on a blocklist such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Travelers from these countries are not allowed to enter the Philippines as of today. Source, Image source © HelloRF Zcool / Shutterstock

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