Rent a motorcycle in Copenhagen Denmark-2021

Find motorcycle to rent in Denmark

Denmark is a bicycle country most people in Denmark use a bicycle. Denmark is flat land and most roads have designated bicycle lanes. This does not mean that Danes does not use a motorcycle. Most Danes love to ride a motorcycle and wish to own one. In 2016 a motorcycle enthusiast from UCL college lillebaelt odense denmark came up with the idea of why not build a website where people can share their motorbikes. This is how Book2wheel was created.

The idea of motorcycle sharing was tested in the Philippines and had great success. Now, the Book2wheel website is opened in Denmark. If you want to rent a motorcycle in Copenhagen you can visit Do not be discouraged. If you don’t find any motorcycles listed yet on the website. This is still a new startup that is gaining momentum

The Idea of Book2wheel is that if you have a motorcycle that you are not using it you can start renting out. This way people who are visiting Denmark can rent motorcycles from a local person.

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Image source: Photo by Yulian As on Unsplash

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