Rent a motorbike in Subic, Philippines

Subic is a town in the province of Zambales. Located along Subic Bay, the municipality is known for its tourism industry. The zone promotes ecotourism through guided treks and jungle survival tours. In Subic you can visit theme parks, do diving spots (wreck diving), sailing, extreme water sports, and adventure parks. There’s also a lot of outlets and duty free shops for people who like sales 🙂 And, of course, you can rent a motorbike in Subic with Book2wheel!

Rent a Kawasaki Versys 650 for you and your friends just for 3600 pesos a day! There are 7 units available in our offer.

Here you can see step by step, how to make an online booking reservation, using the Book2wheel website. Rent a motorbike in Subic and explore new places.

Step One: visit or Click here

Step 2: Click on the navigation bar where it says “Try entering city name ex, Cebu “.  In your case, you select Olongapo city Zambales. You will be directed to a search page where you can see motorbikes from different owners. When you click on the location icon, you can see the motorbike pick-up location. Now in order to view prices and owner terms and conditions, click on “

Step 3: Click on “Book now” and you will be directed to the motorbike’s detail page; here you can see bike details, information about the owner, and terms for renting the motorbike. You can select your pick-up date and return date. Then, you will see an automated calculation with the discount.

Step 4: click on “Start Booking” and it will direct you to the next page. Fill out your information. This information will be forwarded to the motorbike owner.   

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If you would like to have the bike delivered to your location, here you can add a delivery option. Each owner has different delivery payment options. You can also add extra kilometers here. Before moving to next step, accept terms and conditions. You can message the owner as well.

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Final step: click on “Check out” and it will direct you to the very last step. At the last step, you can select the payment option; There are 3 payment options, you can either pay in cash when you pick up the bike or pay online. After you are done choosing the payment option, your booking reservation is now complete. You will immediately get an email with your reservation details and number from us. Within a few hours,  you will get a confirmation from the owner of the motorbike. 

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What you should keep an eye on in Subic:

White Rock Beach – located there is the Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Hotel, a great resort for travelers. At White Rock Waterpark and Beach Hotel, guests can enjoy various water-sport activities including jet-skiing, kayaking, and water polo. The staff can also arrange for rock climbing, table tennis, and island hopping activities.

Baloy Beach is a beautiful and popular spot for both tourists and Filipino families. It’s a great place for you to lay down on the warm sand and relax, or try various activities like playing volleyball or jet skiing. Rent a motorbike in Subic to explore the nature of the Philippines!

Photo by Duncan Adler on Unsplash

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