Do you want to work with Book2wheel?

Hello everyone, if you are looking for a job in the Philippines, well, this is the right post. Book2wheel is expanding its business, working not only with scooters and motorbikes but also with cars. That’s why we would like to get ambassadors in order to improve our brand image, awareness, and visibility.

Specifically, we are looking for: models, bikers, runners and influencer.


Models, both guys and girls, who are available to work in a group, sharing their experience in order to sponsor our merchandising all over the most important events in the Philippines. By working with Booking2wheel, models will have the opportunity to be sponsored in our social media. Discounts to book the service will be also delivered to models along with a per day fee according to their performances.


We’re also looking for bikers who want to work with us making promotional videos. We believe that collaborating with bikers will help us to set Book2wheel as a leader in the moto-sharing market in the Philippines. Book2wheel will provide merchandising for promotion, discount codes and a per day fee for bikers who really want to join us.


Book2wheel needs also runners, preferably with their own vehicle and driver license in order to deliver merchandising among our ambassadors. For them, the company will cover all the costs for fuel and will pay a fee for each work. We prefer people who already have experiences of selling to better perform this task.


We’d like to work also with influencers. Book2wheel will allow influencers to be sponsored in our webpages asking them to do the same thing in order to have a mutual benefit. The company will also provide discount codes and merchandising as well.

So, if you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us:

Book2wheel is waiting for you!

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  1. Alexander naz

    Im very interested sir

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