Suzuki in the Philippines – 2019

Suzuki Philippines

Hello riders and welcome back for our weekly appointment. Today Book2wheel is glad to present you all the Suzuki scooters available in the Philippine. So as in the previous years, Suzuki wants to confirm its brand by offering reliable and cheap scooters. Well, so let’s start presenting.

Skydrive Sport

The first model we are going to introduce is Skydrive Sport. Suzuki’s goal was to build a scooter for commuting, having agility as its best skill, and we can claim that the Japanese company succeeded in that.  The Skydrive has a newly designed frame, a Suzuki Eco Performance Fuel Injection 113 cc Engine, and a large floorboard studied for the comfort. The disc brake is present only in the front while at the rear we still see a drum brake, and probably Suzuki will change it in the future. The scooter is available in 3 different colors:  Black, Hyper Pink, and Matte Silver. Starting price PHP 67.900,00

Skydrive 125 FI

Anyway, Suzuki is providing also a stronger version of the Sport. The Skydrive 125 FI has a Super CVT Fuel-Injected engine of 125cc even if it shares most of the characteristics with the smaller version. Of course, acceleration and top speed are a bit higher so as the price: PHP 78.900,00. It’s available in 4 different colors: Black, Red, Violet and Pink

Burgman 200 ABS

The Burgman 200 ABS is the most sophisticated scooter. Studied for commuting, this scooter allows drivers to run many kilometers with the best comfort. The underseat compartment holds two full-face helmets while the ABS system makes the scooter safer to halt even during the rain. The engine is a 200 cc Fuel Injection system that controls the fuel consumption without affecting the performances. The starting price is PHP 238.000,00


Last but not least the Address, probably the most versatile of all. The fuel tank capacity is 5,2 liters and Suzuki claims 53 kilometers per liter. The underseat utility box can contain a full-face helmet, and there are two more boxes in the front part really useful for phones or wallets. Both front and rear lights look aggressive and make this scooter perfect for young customers. The engine is 113cc Suzuki Eco Performance technology (SEP) that reaches good performances paying attention to the fuel consumption. This scooter is available in 5 different colors: Titan Black, Metallic Medium Blue, Celebration Red, White and MotoGP Limited Edition. The price is PHP 66.900,00

Photo by Vander Films on Unsplash

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