How book2wheel is changing people’s life in the Philippines

A dream coming true, book2wheel creating a opportunity for Philippines local residence to earn money

Jackie Sumaljag father of 3 children lives in Cebu city. Jackie is not only loving father but as well breadwinner of the family. Fast growing kids and tension of providing good future for his kids has force Jackie to move out of his comfort zone. This tension  has led Jackie try new things. Jackie owns couple of jeepney ( local business in the Philippines )


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But due to new transportation policies soon Jeepnies will  face out (no longer allow to run as public transportation).   Jackie is not only a loving father but as well good citizen of the Philippines. Jackie is positive towards taking action against global warming.  Due to the fact he has to soon stop Jeepney business. He decided to search for alternative possibilities  to replace its source of income. Jackie discover an online website for sharing bike. He got an idea why not list his 2 bikes which are always parked at home. He also calculated that he was only earning 1000 PHP from 2 jepnies and had  high cost of maintenance.

On ther other hand he will earn same amount of money by sharing his 2 bike to tourist and people near by him. Jackie listed 2 of his bikes. On its very first day jackie got a customer from Japan who rented a bike for 4 days. Jackie made  almost 2000 Php for renting his one bike for 4 days. This Jackie first post


Sine then Jackie business has pick up the speed. Jackie now receive bookings at regular basis  through Jackie check his email every day and reply customer on time. This has been the great success of his business. To make sure his  bikes will have no problem jackie is also planning to obtain private insurance service on his bike from book2wheel partner (Link to contact insurance service). In case if the bike is get stolen or get broken.

jackie 2nd picture

Jackie 2nd customer from Denmark. Jackie is happy and welcome  people all around the world to visit Philippines and enjoy  beautiful islands. Now if you have a bike and would like to rent out visit or Click this (Link)

If you are coming to Cebu city and would like to rent a bike from Jackie here is the details of his bikes.

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Click this here to make online reservation (Link)
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