Top 5 Motorbikes or Scooters to rent in Cebu

If you are a tourist or a local and you wish to travel in Cebu without being stuck in traffic, renting a scooter or a motorbike is the perfection option to choose.

By renting a motorbike or scooter, you can easily reach Oslob, Moalboal, and other famous beaches, waterfalls, and tourist spots, without breaking your budget. From 450 PHP a day, you can already travel on your own or with your loved ones in and out of Cebu City.

In order to help you decide which motorbike or scooter to rent, we have created a list, top 5 motorbikes or scooters to rent in Cebu that Book2wheel offers. The motorbikes or scooters we will list are based from our most rented motorbikes or scooters in Cebu.

What are we waiting for? Let’s begin!


honda wave

For just 450 PHP per day, you can have Honda Wave 125CC that is an underbone with sporty design that can take you to farther places in Cebu.

Please visit this link to book.



Fourth on our list is Honda CRF 250CC that costs 1100 PHP for a day. Most of our clients from other countries love to rent this motorbike because of it’s speed and engine power.

Please visit this link to book.


honda beat

Looking for a scooter that you can easily drive? Worry no more. We have Honda Beat Fi 110CC that is fully automatic and only costs 499 PHP per day. This scooter is usually rented by our female clients and ranked third for our most rented motorbikes/scooters in Cebu.

Please visit this link to book.


honda xrm yellow

Second on our list is Honda XRM 125CC with top speed of 100 km. It is semi-automatic, and perfect for on-and-off road use. You can rent this motorbike for just 500 PHP per day.

Please visit this link to book.


suzuki white

Our mostly rented scooter is Suzuki Skye Drive 125CC. For only 490 PHP per day, you can use this fully-automatic scooter to tour around Cebu.

Please visit this link to book.

Rent a bike, and explore Cebu City with Book2wheel.

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