Best way to Plan trip to South of Cebu

Hire motorbike

If you are planning to go to South of Cebu. The best way to hire motorbike and have a map with you since there are a lot of places to stop and visit. South of Cebu is a long highway and road splits in Carcar City where you will take the road according to your destination.

The road that will lead you to Moalboal, is the most touristic place. It is also a place where you can watch sardines, enjoy diving, see white sand beaches and beautiful beachfront resorts, enjoy food, and nightlife. The second is Oslob where the whale sharks are.

South of Cebu Map

If you plan to visit  Moalboal first, these are the following destinations you can visit along this route:  The Famous destination is Kawasan falls in (Badian), one of the most beautiful waterfalls. After that you can stop in Malabuyoc (Mainit spring also called as hot springs), such an amazing destination. Next stop is Kahayan Marine Dolphin.

Best way to make travel plan to Moalboal

Moalboal white sand

Leave early from Cebu city, and take a motorcycle or scooter. It will be faster and much more fun rather than taking a bus. It takes 2 hours on motorcycle if you do not stop on the way. Otherwise, it will take you 3 hours or more. Upon arrival at Panagsama beach Moalboal, get a nice room to stay (if you are a backpacker, there is hostel for backpackers). In this place, all restaurants and resorts are located. This is also the place where you can watch sardines, and party (this area does not have long white sand beach).

Moalboal backpacker lodge                          This is a cheap place to stay. But if you are a few people, you can rent the nice place in the same price. Click here to book

White Beach (Moalboal)

This is the second beach in Moalboal. It is 6 km from the highway. You need to take a tricycle or motorbike to be able to reach this destination. It is a long white sand beach front.  The resort and hotels are a bit of expensive. As for Panagsama beach, my advice is that you stay at Panagsama beach area  and take tricycle to white beach.

Where can i Rent a motorbike in Moalboal?

The motorbike daily rent starts from 400 Php to 500 Php. You can rent a scooter and go around and visit different beaches, also when you need to do some shopping.

Yamaha mio sporty

To make online booking and see the price, Click here

What are the motorbike rental requirements? 

You are required to have Motorbike driving license (it can be international or local) and one valid I.D. The scooter comes with the helmet. You can request for 2nd helmet. The customer puts the Patrol on the motorbike. What happens if you crash the scooter? The customer who has rented the scooter would have to pay for replacement of the parts.

Kawasan falls


Stay at Moalboal and wake up early in the morning. Spend a couple of hours at Kawasan falls, which is 30 mins away from Moalboal. Total distance 20km.

Malabuyoc (Mainit springs)


It is 30 km away from Kawasan falls, and it will take you 1hr and 10 mins. Once you are finished at Kawasan falls, you can spend some time to relax.  There are a few waterfalls in between which you can stop and visit. Plan a whole day trip.


Night stay in Malabuyoc

If you would like at this point, you can go back to Moalboal. But if you are on a short travel trip, then better to stay overnight at Malabuyoc . The next day, you can go to watch dolphins in Kawayan if you would like.


This place is on the water, the staff is very helpful. Some rooms have bathroom, and some do not have.IMG_1295

The room costs between 1000 Php to 1500 Php.  The breakfast  comes with an  extra charge. You have to inform the staff if you need breakfast in the morning. You can also ask for dinner, but you also have to inform them in advance. It will be local food. It is nice to try local food.


Sweet rice, fried fish, plain white rice, sausage, Fruit, and local hot chocolate.




You also hire a motorbike in Oslob, just in case you have took the bus and now you want to go around. If you finished early from watching dolphins, then you can head to Oslob which is about 1hr and 30 mins away. But remember, the whale shark is only until 12 afternoon, so time can be a little short if you still watch the dolphins. Once you are done with the whale shark, then you can visit  Tumalog Falls.  

Now you can drive back to Cebu on this and it will take you around 5 hours of travel, depending on the traffic.

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